A Story from the Heart

Founded in 2008 in Montreal, Haylem is first and foremost the story of a dyslexic-dysorthographic little brother who dropped out of school after a long struggle. Then it's the story of his older brother who, after graduating with an engineering degree, chose to help people with learning disabilities. Five years of research and development in collaboration with speech-language pathologists led to the creation of a specialized software that today helps thousands of people around the world to access reading and writing despite their challenges.

Haylem stands for engineering and technological innovation at the service of people with reading and writing difficulties. Our expertise in software development specializes in the field of written language, which mainly targets the education sector. We continually collaborate with professionals in the field with the aim of developing a tool that best meets their needs and, above all, those of their clientele.

Haylem is also a strong sense of customer service, a great listening and dedicated team. Our great understanding of the issues surrounding learning disabilities allows us to treat our clients with the utmost respect, always with the mission of offering people with difficulties the opportunity to deploy their potential and succeed at the same level as others.

Lexibar - An Incomparable Technological Tool

Developed by Haylem, the Lexibar software is used worldwide in French schools and in specialized firms that treat language disorders. The clientele is composed of parents, professionals and educational institutions working with children, adolescents and adults with learning difficulties. In Quebec, no less than 87% of educational institutions use Lexibar. The users are people of all ages who have difficulty reading and writing.

What distinguishes Lexibar from other assistive technology tools is the formidable effectiveness of its phonetic predictor, a precise algorithmic aid function that takes into account the phonetic confusions frequently found in dyslexic/dysorthographic individuals. In fact, if the words are written "by sound", the phonetic predictor will suggest the correct spelling of the word in its prediction box. An invaluable and unique aid.

Great Success Stories

The enhanced self-esteem experienced by Lexibar users demonstrates how essential such a tool is to their development. Testimonials and comments from professionals who have worked with a phonetic predictor like Lexibar speak of great success stories. Students with severe learning disabilities are regaining confidence and discovering writing as a way to let their imaginations flourish. They are finally able to communicate in writing, thanks in large part to the performance of the phonetic predictor, but also to the complementary use of all Lexibar help functions. All the skills that involve reading and writing, whether in problem solving, geography, etc., are facilitated by the use of Lexibar. This tool can make a big difference in the academic success of many students.

Pedagogical and Social Implications

Today, technology is a major ally in pushing the limits and aspiring to greater things. At Haylem, access to literacy is seen as a fundamental right that must be given to all and accompanied by all the tools necessary for each person to learn to read and write in optimal conditions. In its communications, Haylem places great emphasis on valuing people with learning disabilities and educating the population about their reality. A precious and benevolent help is offered to professionals and families alike in the use of Lexibar. Several supports, guides, training, and quality technical support are offered free of charge by the company to optimize the use of Lexibar and the accompaniment by teachers, educators, specialists and parents.

Free Help Functions for Everyone

Haylem offers three of the five Lexibar help functions free of charge at all times and for everyone: orthographic prediction, text to speech and spell check. These help functions adequately meet the needs of a large number of users.

Free Licensing Program for Professionals

Complete licenses are offered free of charge to healthcare professionals working in education to allow them to use the software with their patients. By graciously lending licenses of Lexibar software to professionals, the company maintains a privileged relationship with them, allowing for constant feedback on the use of the software and the needs of users in order to better meet those needs. In fact, the team is already working on version 6, which will include innovations for personalized user support, making the most of artificial intelligence.

Partnerships with Institutions

Finally, partnerships have been established with several schools and specialized centres to equip staff working with students in difficulty with Lexibar free of charge.

Discover Haylem

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Summer 2020

Release of the iOS version of Lexibar LP5

Spring 2019

Release of the macOS version of Lexibar LP5

May 2018

Acquisition of the multidisciplinary clinic Un Museau vaut mille Mots in Terrebonne, Quebec, Canada

January 2018

Creation of an online shop for the purchase of licences for individuals in Europe

September 2016

Release of Lexibar LP5

August 2015

Growth of the company. Head office relocation to Terrebonne, Quebec, Canada

November 2014

Release of Lexibar 1.0405

February 2014

Lexibar arrives in Europe

September 2013

Lexibar launch for Windows

April 2012

Lexidox launched at the Association Québécoise des trouble de l'apprentissage (AQETA) conference

February 2011

Winner of the Entrepreneurs en action contest!

April 2010

Contribution agreement with the National Research Council of Canada (NRC)

January 2010

Establishment of the head office in Montreal, Quebec, Canada

July 2008

Company foundation

Haylem also offers clinical services

In May 2018, Haylem acquired the speech therapy, occupational therapy and zootherapy clinic "Un Museau vaut mille Mots". The clinic is the first clinic to be part of the Haylem network of multidisciplinary centers. It is a place of experimentation and innovation whose goal is to improve services and make them as accessible as possible to all.

Haylem wants to explore and engage in various avenues to make a real difference in the lives of people with learning disabilities. This one is more than stimulating for the team! This challenge is an opportunity for us to get more involved and connected with our customers.

These new activities are perfectly in line with Haylem’s mission, enhancing the services that we offer and providing our team with the opportunity to gain valuable knowledge while working with professionals who are involved in the advancement of our technology products.

The clinic Un Museau vaut mille Mots has been operating for 10 years now. It stands out for the quality of its services and the small animals that makes the experience, for younger and older clients, much more positive! The Haylem multidisciplinary centers network will certainly expand in the coming years.