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  • Develops reading and writing skills
  • Improves academic results
  • Promotes self-confidence
  • Increase autonomy

"Émile has been using Lexibar for the past year. Firstly in writing, he now also uses it in reading. He got 70% in his report. Although he is in 5th grade, he remains in 3rd grade for French. His teacher now thinks he can get him into 4th grade if everything continues to go well. Thank you Lexibar for the help you provide to my son. He did not succeed, or very difficult, but the year is going well and my son is happy with him!"

– Marie-Ève S., Mom

"I like Lexibar because with this tool, my dyslexic son's life has changed. With more ease in school and better results, he has more self-esteem."

– Isabelle L., Mom

"I love Lexibar !!! It's more easy to use, very user-friendly and fun for young users, I tried it myself."

– Charles-René H., Dad

"I am just starting to use Lexibar and it is already a great joy. Thanks to this tool, one of my teenage patients, with severe dyslexia, managed for the first time to write a small text without the slightest mistake and independently! Beyond the performance and usefulness of Lexibar, the greatest effect was the immense personal satisfaction of my patient! For once, he felt proud of him and a new possible world opened up to him...

– Nathalie C., Speech Therapist

5 Help Functions

1 Goal: Your Success!

The phonetic prediction

Explanatory video


The orthographic prediction

Explanatory video


The text to speech

Explanatory video


The spell check

Explanatory video


3 FREE help functions

At all times, for everyone

  1. The orthographic prediction
  2. The text to speech
  3. The spell check

These 3 functions are available free of charge at all times and for everyone, after downloading the software.

The other 2 functions, the phonetic prediction and the illustrations are available for a 30-day trial period and with the purchase of a license.

5 help functions to access success Free License
The spell check
The text to speech
The orthographic prediction
The phonetic prediction 30 days
Illustrations 30 days

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